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A Little Information on St John, US Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands National Park – Beaches and Hiking Trails:  Pristine beaches and hiking trails (most are very easy) are abound on St John, and best found by car You can’t miss the beaches…there’s more than one for every day of the week!  Just drive along North Shore Road and around to Annaberg, or head to the East End for Salt Pond and the Lameshur Beaches.
Check out the Trail Bandit’s Hiking Map for the best hiking trails.

Once you leave the beach it will be necessary to cover up before you go into town. Not only is it a local custom, it’s against the law to be showing too much!

Cash/credit cards:  There are two reliable ATM locations on the island at each of the banks located in or near Cruz Bay.  Just about all restaurants, bars and retail places take credit cards (just ask before ordering/buying).

Rental Cars on St John: Renting a four wheel drive vehicle to discover St John is highly recommended, and there are numerous rental companies on St John who welcome your business. All monitor each of the others’ rates, so normally there is not a huge variance, but sometimes their websites will have discounts listed.  Don’t forget we drive on the left!

Other St John Transportation: Public bus transportation runs from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay (and actually all the way out to Salt Pond) for $1 each way via Centerline Road, which is very close to the condo. Also, there are independent taxis, most which are based in Cruz Bay, to take you anywhere you want to go.

The kitchen is stocked with all the utensils and dishes to ?? just about anything you want! The bathrooms have soap and towels, so just bring your necessities.

There are four grocery stores in or near Cruz Bay where you will find fruits, vegetables, meats, cereals, ice cream, ice, condiments, and other household supplies.

Dining out:  there are numerous places to dine on St John, from grabbing sandwiches for the beach to bar food, upscale fine dining to villa chefs. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, in between snacks, happy hours and late night burgers - you can find food from 6 am to 4 am, and there is at least one bar open during those same hours…and people say St John is a sleepy island!

Other items to bring: Favorite sunscreen sunglasses, bug spray (not always needed, but much appreciated when it is!), proper shoes for easy hiking (flip flops not recommended on most trails), hat or sun visor.

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